At A Child's View, we recognize the importance of your child's early learning experiences. We also believe that learning can and should be fun. Our play-based curriculum promotes social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. Through play, children explore and discover the world around them, work through emotions, develop relationships, and build strength and coordination. Skilled teachers guide children in developmentally appropriate activities designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and learning.

As children progress through the infant, toddler, and preschool programs, they gain confidence and independence. School readiness activities are seamlessly integrated into the preschool curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond.


Through interactions with their teachers, other children, and their environment, infants are:

  • Developing trust and securityBall Pool Play
  • Developing awareness of self
  • Experiencing being part of a group
  • Receiving sensory and auditory stimulation
  • Developing language and means of expression
  • Listening to music
  • Listening to  picture books
  • Developing large and fine motor coordination
  • Becoming aware of their environment


In the toddler program, children continue that remarkable growth, nurtured by their teachers, and focusing on:

Social-Emotional Development (learning about self and others)Bead Play
  • Playing with others and learning to be part of a group
  • Developing self-control and learning to act cooperatively
  • Asserting their independence
  • Learning toileting, eating, and other personal care skills
  • Learning to listen to directions

Physical Development (learning about moving)

  • Developing their large muscles (walking, running, jumping, climbing, creative movement)
  • Developing their fine motor skills (playing with blocks, puzzles, trucks/cars, art materials, etc).

Cognitive Development (learning about the world)

  • Exploring their environment, indoors and outdoors
  • Bead Play
  • Engaging in pretend play
  • Discovering the world of science and nature
  • Exploring sensory, music, and auditory stimulation

Language Development (learning about communicating through words)

  • Listening to stories and poems (learning about rhyming, rhythm, pictures, and print)
  • Experimenting with drawing and writing
  • Participating in conversations (understanding and using words…more and more each day!)


In the preschool program, children put it all together, developing the skills and independence to become life-long learners.  In the preschool, teachers guide children in:

Social-Emotional Development
  • Forming friendships, interacting cooperatively with other childrenMarker Art
  • Expressing feelings
  • Becoming more independent (self-directed in pursuing tasks and activities)
  • Developing confidence
  • Character development – being kind, helpful, honest, respectful, and responsible

Physical Development

  • Tending to their own personal and needs (eating, dressing, hygiene)
  • Being physically fit and being in tune with their bodies (daily hikes, creative movement class, indoor and outdoor large muscle activities)

Cognitive Development

    Marker Art
  • Identifying  sizes, shapes, colors, letters and letter sounds
  • Numbers skills
  • Science and Nature
  • Art and Music
  • Enjoying a wide variety of books
  • Oral communication skills and beginning written skills
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Dramatic play

School Readiness - Our preschoolers:

    Marker Art
  • Listen well
  • Follow instructions and rules
  • Self-regulate behavior
  • Sustain attention
  • Are eager and motivated to read
  • Are academically curious
  • Take turns
  • Are persistent when tackling new skills
  • Are friendly, caring, responsible, and respectful of others

Ask a local teacher about students from A Child’s View –our preschoolers come in ready to learn and to be successful in school.

Special Activities:
The calendars linked below provide just a sampling of daily activities. Parents may want to reference them as conversation starters in talking with children  about their day. Our preschoolers also have weekly creative dance classes and daily nature walks, nurturing strong bodies as well as inquiring minds.

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